Gift Box



  1. First, select the type of knife – or – the price range that you would like to contribute towards your recipient’s custom knife.

  2. Add your gift box to the cart. The $50.00 is a non-refundable deposit that is subtracted from the final invoice.

  3. Once the order comes through—we will ship your gift box containing a gift certificate that identifies the type of knife reserved, an H&H T-shirt and some additional little H&H goodies.

Here’s the fun part—wrap and hand deliver your gift and become the world’s best gift giver. Go you.

On the back of the gift certificate enclosed is our contact information. Once the recipient has wiped their happy tears—have them contact us to start talking about their custom Horn & Heel knife.

After the design and materials have been established — you will receive an invoice for the final amount, based on the recipient’s specifications and minus your $50.00 deposit for the gift box. 

(Don’t worry. We will notify the recipient in the event that their specifications are going to exceed the original certificate amount purchased. You are only responsible for the price range that you selected. This is rare, but if someone thinks they are King Midas and want themselves a solid gold knife handle—we will be sure to tell them they may need to reconsider their specifications).

Once your final payment has been received, we get to work!


• FIELD KNIFE :: $200 – $300

For the handy man who always has a blade on the ready for any and all situations. Comes with a handmade leather sheath.

• PARING KNIFE :: $120 – $200 

Usually between 2in – 4in—these small kitchen knives are used for paring, trimming fruits and vegetables or for any small detail work.

• KITCHEN / PETTY KNIFE :: $300 – $400

Between 4in – 6in—this nimble, everyday use chef’s knife is primarily for typical cutting chores and your standard cooking & prepping needs.

• CHEF KNIFE :: $400 – $600

Typically between 7in – 10in — this all-purpose, professional grade kitchen knife is used for chopping, slicing, and mincing.

* SIDE NOTE (IF YOU HAVE A LAZY RECIPIENT) - From the day your order is placed, your recipient has 8 weeks to contact us about planning and scheduling out their custom knife. Also though, we are easy going dudes and can make exceptions. Just let us know!

For off-menu, specialty knives (i.e. boning, filet, butcher, etc...)—PLEASE, CONTACT US HERE.


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