A Knife for Knife Stuff

A Knife for Knife Stuff


This is a knife for knife stuff. Simplistic but strong. Basic but not boring. Good for all your usual knife stuff—breaking down boxes, sharpening a pencil, widdling wood (if you’re into that?)—whatever your heart desires.

The design is based on the Japanese style friction folder called a Higo no kami. The handle is brass with a stonewashed 52100 high carbon blade.  Fastened together with a simple yet strong rivet. 

This is not a weapon. It’s a tool. There are dumb people out there (We wouldn’t have to say it if there weren’t). Be careful and don’t be dumb.

Wear & Tear- This simple utilitarian knife is made out of high carbon steel and brass. While extremely durable, both materials, like any, are susceptible to the elements as well as normal wear and tear. The blade has a forced patina to combat corrosion but is still able to rust if left wet and the brass handle has a clear coating to protect the surface from oily hands but over time, it will start to patina and change color. We say— let it. We see natural patina as a badge of honor and good use.


Blade Length - 3 1/4”

Blade Thickness - 1/8”

Handle Length - 3 3/4”

Handle Width - 11/16”

Overall thickness - 3/16”

Fits in the watch pockets of most jeans with the arm bar sticking out, for easy access

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